About Me


  • Distinguished engineer, technocrat, and IAS officer turned political leader.
  • Served as Union Minister under PMs Rajiv Gandhi and P.V. Narasimha Rao.
  • 17-year career in the IAS with key roles in Kerala.

Ministerial Experience

  • Non Conventional (Concurrently) Energy Sources and Agriculture 
  • Information and Broadcasting
  • Petroleum and Defence (Concurrently)  


  • Organized record-setting vasectomy campaigns and developed successful family planning models.
  • Implemented over 30 urban development projects in Cochin.
  • Strengthened Kerala’s public distribution system.
  • Authored schemes for fishermen's welfare and led the Fishermen Welfare Corporation.
  • Promoted small-scale industries, receiving national awards.
  • Won the National Award 'Energy Man of the Year' in 1995 for outstanding contributions in the field of New and Renewable Energy Sources.
  • FICCI National Award in 1973 for individual initiative in economic and social development (Presented by Smt. Indira Gandhi). 
  • International Rotary's Highest Civilian Award. For The Sake of Honour.  

Current Roles:

  • Chairman of Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Latin American Caribbean Federation of India.