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First RDF to Coal Plant in India on BOO Basis- By Hari Bhari Waste Valorization India Pvt. Ltd.

Pyrolysis of RDF is thermo-catalytic decomposition in the absence of oxygen. The pyrolysis process @ 400 to 450 C. The gaseous product of pyrolysis undergoes Cooling down followed by oil condensing.

  •  As per MoHUA, India- Non Recyclable Combustible Waste consisting of Single Use Plastics, Soiled Paper, Soiled Cloths, contaminated plastics, multilayer packaging material, pieces of leather, rubber, tyre, thermocol and wood etc. form Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
  •  As per MoHUA guidelines these needs to be disposed off to nearest Waste to Energy and/or Cement plant within a radius of 100 KMs.
  •  RDF is around 25-30% of the total incoming waste in a MSW Processing Plant



Focus on Mixed Waste/ RDF to Fuel in 50MTD-400MTD ULBs

This Segment is facing huge problem in sustainable SWM solution Very High cost of monthly bills along with RDF piling up is creating enormous problems in ULBs

Mixed Waste to Fuel project in such cities will be most sustainable solution.

Brown Projects

Aerobic Digestion Projects abandoned by Parties/ Plant in not working situation Where ULB is willing to provide Civil & Structural Ready to move site with 100% grant on plant & Equipment with monthly processing fees.

Focus on Plastic to Diesel on Franchise Model

Small 250 KG/day – 2 MTD Plastic to Projects across India. Focus on Providing technology and buying back diesel & Carbon. Expand all India Franchise Network in 3 years time.

Focus On Growth

Capitalize on growth opportunities in MSW management sector by continued focus on Creating New Space in Processing of Waste only.Focus on Sale of Compost to Farmers directly, Sale of Coal & Diesel and Recyclab.